TECHSOFT’s Multimedia Services team is eager to bring your idea from concept to polished, final product. We offer a free initial consultation to determine which of our multimedia services might best suit your marketing, training, or other visual needs. Our multimedia services include live action video production and editing, custom animation, 360-degree imaging, drone photography and videography, professional audio recording, and digital graphics production. TECHSOFT has the latest in video and audio production gear, along with editing software that produces affordable, professional results. From a simple marketing video showcasing your product line to animated product demos, we can help your business shine.


360-degree photography and video

360-Degree Imaging

Price varies • Starting at $300 for 5 panoramas
With 360-degree imaging, your clients are going to feel “there,” virtually browsing your shop or touring office space for lease. The results are amazing and easy to implement. With a click on your website, customers can start immersing themselves in all your business has to offer.

Drone Photography Services

Drone Photography

$30 per 4K photo
$250/hr, includes 10 4K photos
Drone aerial photography can provide an extraordinary eye in the sky view of your event, property, or business and is an exciting way to get noticed and set yourself apart. Our team is FAA Part 107 Certified and Insured.

Drone Video Production

Drone Videography

Drone videography captivates your audience by providing a dramatic WOW! element, from sweeping shots of lush landscapes to flyovers of sunny seascapes.

Commercial Video Production

Business Commercial

$2,000 for 30-60 second video commercial
In the era of YouTube and Instagram, video advertising is the way to go. It’s effective and preferred by customers. Studies show that 30-60 seconds is the ideal length for keeping your audience engaged. Our service includes a one-hour video shoot using two 4K cameras, lapel and boom microphone use, editing with royalty-free music, audio touch-ups, on-screen titles and text, and your company logo placed in the final product. Put the finished video on your website. (Don’t have a website? We can help you out with that.) Hand out DVDs of the video at trade shows instead of business cards. Start a YouTube channel. TECHSOFT can help with any or all of the above.

Video Editing and Production

Video Production and Editing

Price varies
We specialize in video production and editing. We are pros in scripting, planning, and executing your ideas in an affordable, engaging manner. Our video and sound engineers can transform your footage into a finished product that is sure to capture the attention of your audience.

narration sound design and audio production services

Narration and Sound Design, Capture and Post Production

Price varies
Using your script or working with one of our writers to create a script, we can record professional voiceover narration in-house for integration into your project. We can also capture your live audio on location. Using our audio-enhancing tools, we then process your recordings to give you the best possible quality – removing unwanted background noise, clicks, hissing, and pops — for a professional end result. We can mix in music, sound effects or other audio to suit your needs. We have in-house voice talent or you can provide your own.

web and print photography services

Photography for Web/Print

Price varies
Our team can create high-definition images showcasing products, services, surroundings, and experiences for companies to inspire your customers to take action. Our design team will work with you to come up with a design and then capture the high-resolution images needed to complete the project.

3d Modeling and Animation

Custom Graphics, 3-D Images, Animations

Price varies
The TECHSOFT Multimedia Services creative team is skilled in many areas, from classic graphic design to 3-D animation. Let us show you what we can do to attract attention to your business.

website design web development

Website Development

Price varies
TECHSOFT’s team of graphics designers and engineers can create an engaging, effective website for your business that is secure and affordable. Our team has experience with the leading tools and environments and can create a new website or refresh your current site. We can also ensure your site is device-agnostic and compatible with on both desktop and mobile platforms.